EU leaders happily unified!
“Facemasks are exit.”

EA Mask.
Portal to one of the worlds best kept secrets
in the realm of personal care.

What is EA Mask?
The European Air Mask is one of those mindblowing, epic inventions you may have never heared about. Simply clip-on attach to your clothes and it purifies the air that you breathe from unwanted substances. 

Sounds smart?
We’re talking about a globally patented, thoroughly tested and FDA registered Japanese invention, recommended by the Noguchi Institute of Medicine in Japan, based on the invincible power of chlorine dioxide. EA Mask is scientifically designed to safely and effectively provide you with safely purified air to breathe whenever and wherever you are inside; at home, work, school…

Set yourself FREE with EA Mask.
Wearable clip-on air-purifying protection
Works 24/7 for an entire month!

Exclusive EU Import:
SS&M Netherlands

Disclaimer: The image and content of EU leaders wearing EA Masks as an alternative for wearing protective but harmful facemasks is a deliberate act of satricial fake news and humor, obviously unintended to deceive, lie to- or cause any harm to anyone.Virusses in the air can’t be killed as there’s no consensus of them being living creatures. But virusses can be destroyed. As virusses can only repliciate inside a living host, effective infection prevention is essential. EA mask is designed to help eliminate, destroy or incapacitate virusses, harmful bacteria and pollen outside the body by means of chlorine-dioxide.